Travel Smart, Not Hard: 6 Free Apps That Help You Plan and Save Money on Your Trips!

The 6 free apps offer hotel, flight, and train reservations at affordable prices according to the needs of the users.

Are you looking for a last-minute trip for Easter? If the answer is yes, don’t worry, we offer six applications to plan your spring and even summer trips in case you are an organized person.

All the 6 free apps that we mentioned have filters that adapt to the needs of the users, they are free, they are available on Android, they help during the trip and even save money.  

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is an application that is used to find cheap flights, cheap hotels, and car rentals anywhere in the world. Users will be able to save money by comparing different prices of accommodations and airlines, in addition, the app does not apply charges or commissions for making reservations.

2. Google Maps

Even if you don’t know it, Google Maps is a real 2 for 1 by becoming a GPS to guide drivers and because it also serves as a tool to find cheap gasoline from your mobile.

3. Evernote

Users can organize their trips by creating notes and notes, the application is synchronized with all the devices that a person has, and there is the possibility of connecting Google Calendar to the app to be aware of the agenda, and the relevant information of a trip appears in the home panel.

4. Last Minute

Looking for a last-minute getaway? The Last-Minute app offers trains, flights, and accommodations that do not require a prior reservation many weeks in advance, since in certain cases reservations can be made twelve hours in advance.

5. Civitatis

This application is used to search, find, and book excursions in Spanish anywhere in the world. The user must perform a web search to choose the location they want to visit. From there, several activities will be offered that must be scheduled in advance.

6. Trip

The Trip application allows you to book hotels, flights, and trains; users can receive offers; it is easy to access cheap prices; those interested do not have to pay reservation fees; the results are filtered according to interests (price, offers, or hotel valuation, among other options); and access booking details even offline.

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