Best Fishing Apps

Some people find fishing a most relaxing activity, but professional anglers must take full advantage of the latest technological advances to be competitive. To get that advantage, it is also common to use the best fishing apps on mobile that we can find on Android. Take a look at our selection.

Throw the rod!

The fishing industry is full of a good number of “toys” that will help us find the perfect place to cast the rod, the moment, and the best conditions to get close to the water; be it the sea or river.

Not only the bait or the rod that we use to catch the most elusive fish are important, but it is also important to have different combinations of GPS/Sonar/Wifi/Speaker systems that will help us capture the best fish.

The Best Fishing Apps

Today’s smartphones can improve our fishing experience through a series of tips and tricks, weather information, navigation aids, maintenance advice, activity log, and much more.

In the following lines, we are going to list some of the best fishing apps out there for both iPhone and Android that you should try before you cast the bait in the water.


This application is the perfect adaptation of social networks to the world of sport fishing. With over 13 million active users, it has a large user community for sharing catches and fishing tips.

Among its comprehensive features, we have local fishing maps, depth maps, identifiers to mark catches, and product and equipment recommendations…

Overall, the app will assist you in locating the finest fishing locations, keeping track of your successes and failures, talking to other local fishermen, and utilizing weather information to catch more fish.

My Fishing Maps

A freshwater fishing app designed to discover new places to fish in Spain for fans of this activity. It is the perfect app to know where to go every weekend and also knows the regulations of each community.

Fish Deeper

You don’t need to buy a portable sonar to find the best fishing spots. Thanks to your smartphone, you can maximize your catch rate: this app will tell you the best time and location to fish.

It offers a tool to measure depth, the option to locate targets, and keep track of catches. It allows you to share photos on social networks and includes weather forecasts (temperature, wind speed, humidity, and pressure).

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Fishing Knots

Just as important as knowing which are the best points to practice in this activity is knowing the knots that we have to make in our rope or fishing line to avoid problems during the session.

This is another of the best free apps, which will help us to train with new knots. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to tie knots, both common ones and some you probably haven’t heard of before.

Today They Bite

Those who are great fans of this sport will know that it is not only important to measure the depth of the water, and the weather conditions, or learn to make the best possible knots before casting the rod.

To know if we are going to have a good day of fishing, we can use this application that makes an approximate calculation of the incidence of the lunar phase on the feeding and movement of the fish.

The app uses the GPS location to establish the best place to which we can go in a certain area. Although the information that it will give us is based on a table of possibilities, based on the observation of other fishermen.

At THE APK GURU, we know that fishing is a practice that requires a lot of patience and information, so we hope that all the best fishing apps will help you when it comes to getting your next catch.

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