The Hottest Digital Retouching Apps Used by Top Influencers!

Some celebrities use photography tools to edit or touch up their images before posting them.

One of the things that users of the ‘influencers’ social networks most admire is their ability to make quality publications with a great sense of aesthetics. This content creation has a lot to do with the applications and tools they use to edit these photos and even retouch them when there is something about their appearance that they do not particularly like. A subject, in turn, is controversial for which some celebrities have not been exempt from criticism and vice versa. 

Among them, Tamara Falcó, who, without going any further, was accused of having used Photoshop to edit one of her snapshots with Íñigo Onieva, making herself thinner and her partner more muscular. Be that as it may, what is clear is that technology and some mobile applications can be very useful, both for those who succeed on Instagram and for those who want to improve a photo for personal use. 

In the case of ‘influencers’, specifically, there are some apps that stand out from others in terms of their favorites. This is how they have explained it themselves through platforms such as People or on their own networks when Internet users have asked them. Of course, in most of these, in addition to being able to modify aspects such as the colors or the light of the images, they can also do some retouching. 


Unfold is one of the most complete tools for content creators or network specialists. Available for iOS and Android, it has endless alternatives to create videos, reels, and stories. In this way, through a series of templates, you can create images with the appropriate format that follows a certain pattern, ‘ collage’-type compositions, or include text with different fonts. 


Vsco is the retouching app par excellence. In addition to having a series of predefined filters, it offers you the possibility of installing or saving your favorite presets, in such a way that there are ‘influencers’ who are dedicated to selling them. To hide imperfections, it has options such as light adjustment or skin tone uniformity. 


One of the first applications that appeared in the app stores was Cymera. Among other tools, this platform offers the user the possibility of blending certain areas, softening and correcting imperfections, lengthening the legs, or narrowing the waist if desired. Everything you need to shape a photo to your liking, before posting it on Instagram. 


Along the same lines, we find Facetune. An editor to touch up photos that have multiple functionalities: you can easily whiten teeth, hide stains, lighten photos, blur backgrounds, add filters and effects, etc. Many ‘Instagrammers’ have been criticized for using this type of app to edit their real image. 

Touch Retouch

Touch Retouch, for its part, is a photo editing application focused on eliminating all those objects or people that don’t fit with the photo. In this way, people can be removed from a background or landscape, as well as objects that appear in unsightly places. 

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