Never Struggle with Income Statements Again! Check Out These 5 Amazing Mobile Apps!

Now you can make the income statement with an app quickly and easily. Drop the calculator and pick up the mobile.

If there is a time of the year in which the average Spaniard practices the true meaning of the concept of procrastination, it is when the income tax campaign starts. 

The deadline for submitting the IRPF 2022-2023 declaration is open and the world of mobile applications facilitates the taxpayer’s task so that smoke does not come out of their heads. The declaration that is presented this year is that of the 2022 financial year and can be made online, by telephone, or in person.

The deadline to present it is from April 11 to June 30, unless the result is to be deposited and you wish to direct debit the amount. In this case, you will have until June 27. Taxpayers can file their return on the 11th and get rid of it with the following applications to file the income statement from their mobile phones.

Tax Agency App

From its website, the Tax Agency “makes an application for smart mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) available to citizens that offers the possibility of carrying out procedures before the Agency with or without user identification in a simple and agile way”.

The official iOS and Android download platforms in the official Google, Apple, and Huawei markets offer the APP-AEAT for no cost.

How does the Tax Agency app work? Once the app is downloaded and you are registered, go to “Rent”, and “Rent 2022” and click on “Draft/declaration processing”. 

Tax Fix

Tax Fix is ​​an official collaborator of the Tax Agency. For 39.99 euros, this app includes the review and preparation of your income statement by tax experts and its final presentation to the Treasury. How does it work?

  • Create your user account and the service will connect with the Treasury to obtain your official tax data.
  • Answer some complementary questions to receive a fully personalized service.
  • Make a single payment and send the necessary information.
  • The team prepares your draft in 1-2 days and sends it to you for final review.
  • Submit your income statement to the Treasury.

Tax Down

“The most popular in Spain, with 1,010,993 calculated statements,” they say on their website. 

The TaxDown app calculates the result of the income statement, including all deductions, in “15 minutes, easy and clear,” they report. This process is free but does not include filing. This is the basic service, which is free of charge, it is used to find out what is the most optimal and correct result of your income statement. 

In its paid offer, Taxdown has the Pro subscription service (for 35 euros/year), to make sure it’s done right, with help via email in 48 hours if you have any questions; Live service (45 euros/year), which includes professionals who answer your questions instantly while you file your tax return, and the Full service (55 euros/year) in which they take care of all the procedures for you. 

Tax Scouts

This online agency model offers the service for freelancers, for 35 euros per month and in which they offer: online agency service and personalized tax advice, response to all your tax questions in less than 24 hours, self-employment registration with the Tax Agency and Social Security, quarterly and annual VAT returns, withholdings and personal income tax, income statement and online billing and accounting program. On the other hand, they have the Renta pack service, for 69.90 (in a single payment) and in which, according to their website, you can do whatever you want “while your advisor works for you. When everything is ready, you will approve it to send it in a single click”.


This online agency for freelancers offers information on taxes, accounting, income, and online advice. With your mobile you can take photos of the different tickets and, in this way, the VAT is deducted from the expenses. 

Registration is free, but then they have three different plans, according to needs: the basic one, for 70 euros/month; the advanced one, for 100 euros/month, and the premium, for 250 euros/month. And how does the Declarando app work? 

  • Enter your data: click on “Register for Free”. We will ask you for all the necessary information to register on the platform and you will have full access to all the functionalities of Declarando.
  • Complete your profile: when you access the platform you must complete your profile to start managing your accounts like a real manager.
  • The team will contact you in the next 24 hours to confirm that you have completed the registration correctly.

There is no longer an excuse to postpone the presentation of the 2022-2023 income statement. So, drop the calculator and pick up the mobile. 

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