Must-Know Platforms for Job Search and Success

InfoJobs, Indeed, and LinkedIn are some of the applications that show job offers on the Internet.

Looking for a job can be a complicated task, but we make seven applications available to users to find work in the easiest way. All the aforementioned platforms are very easy to use, offer search filters, allow you to share resumes with companies, and there is even an app that shows user opinions about an entity.

1- InfoJobs

InfoJobs allows you to search for any type of job according to the established parameters, users can create their own resume, there is the possibility of establishing notifications so that the system alerts of available vacancies, and if the company is interested in a person, the lucky one could speak with the entity through a private chat.

2- Indeed

Indeed, offers a fairly advanced search engine to filter the best job options depending on the needs of the users. With a single search, the app gives free access to all the vacancies that are available, in addition, it has detailed descriptions of the demanded position. 

3- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is par excellence the best application that is related to the workplace, taking into account that it allows you to find a job through the ‘Employment’ tab. Those people who want a change of scenery can contact entities or recruiters to show their work life, aptitudes, and abilities.

4- Infoemployment

Infoempleo filters the employment interests of users to find work in Spain and other countries. This application is perfect for those people who decide to leave their comfort zone to seek new adventures.

5- Job Today

Job Today is very similar to InfoJobs. In this app, thousands of companies look for candidates for their job offers, Internet users can filter the searches and it also has a chat to talk privately with the company. 

6- Work Today

An individual can create a profile to apply job search filters. Likewise, the differential characteristic of this application is that people can rate companies, so candidates will read the opinions of users when doing an interview or opting for that position.

7- Career builder

This app allows you to search for job offers outside the country by applying filters with keywords, location or specific companies. In addition, Career builder helps users refine job searches and enhance resumes.

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