The Best Android Applications to Learn to Cook

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to start eating better. Although it is not essential, knowing how to cook can greatly facilitate the process and will also have a positive impact on our health. If your level is still a beginner chef and you have an Android mobile, help yourself with the best android applications to learn to cook.

Kitchen With Smartphone

Today, more than ever, it’s important to eat healthy and nutritious food, and not waste time and money on something you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. This is where your smartphone comes into action as the best kitchen assistant.

You can learn to cook like a professional without having to attend any type of class using these excellent cooking applications, all available on Google Play for your Android mobile and also totally free.

The Best Android Applications to Learn to Cook

In the mobile application market, there are countless apps of this type. Take a look at cooking apps designed specifically for the Android platform that is highly rated by users.


The Cookpad application is highly recommended: it allows you to share what you cook (and how you do it) on social networks. Here you can find a variety of ideas, shared by people who, like you, are learning to cook.

It has different categories that allow you to find all the options of dishes to cook, fry, bake, roast, etc. In addition, you can also upload photos of your cooked recipes and share them with others to help you improve.


This is one of the best recipe apps on the android store. Not only does it help you come up with great recipe ideas, but you can even learn from the pros.

They say that a picture is better than a thousand words, and in the app, you will find endless recipes with video tutorials, and step-by-step instructions to make your cooking day enjoyable. Let yourself be guided and you will see excellent results.

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More than an app to learn to cook, with Whisk you will learn to eat. With it you can create your cookbook, adding all the recipes that you find or share with you and that you think maybe easy, or those that you want to try.

You don’t have to follow the recipes to the letter: you can modify the number of diners, the ingredients, and the wording of the text… Make your recipe, adapting it to your needs.

In addition, it allows you to plan your weekly menu so that you do not repeat dishes and get used to eating healthier every day.

Recipe Book

One of the youngest apps on the list, but one that is generating a larger user community. Like CookPad, it allows you to consult and share the recipes of other users to learn how to prepare new dishes.

Therefore, we are talking about a kind of social network that helps you cook, where you can consult recipes of all kinds and learn tricks to make the process easier.

Master Chef

The official application of the popular cooking show is where we can find the episodes of all the seasons of the show, to try to keep up with the contestants.

Beyond compiling the episodes of past and current seasons, it has tutorials on the most famous dishes we could see on the show, original recipes, and tips from the renowned chefs who present them.

At THE APK GURU, we use all kinds of applications that help us improve on a day-to-day basis: these in particular are very useful when it comes to surprising friends and family, or simply for yourself if you have decided to eat better or want to improve in the kitchen.

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