The Best Apps to Create Snow and Wind Alarms on Your Mobile

Snowfall is an atmospheric phenomenon of an unpredictable nature, however, sometimes we can help ourselves with technology that can warn us of the probability of precipitation in our area. In this post, we discover the best apps to create snow and wind alarms for your mobile phone.

How do these apps work?

Today there are a large number of applications to configure rain and snow alerts and alarms that will help you predict if a shower or storm is going to fall near your location, to proceed to take the appropriate precautions.

In general, these snowfall alarms are included in the best weather apps, which show forecasts and radar in real-time and anticipate any storm risk that includes heavy rain, hail, or snow.

To do this, they collect information from the state meteorological services and allow monitoring at all times of where the ice-laden clouds go.

The best apps to create snow and wind alarms

Below we offer you a list of the best weather applications, snow alarms, and free weather applications to download to your smartphone.

These are the best apps to create snow and wind alarms for Android.

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This service integrates a minimalist and intuitive interface and shows on the screen the necessary data to know the weather. In addition, it offers temperature variations throughout the day and allows you to configure alerts for snowfall and rain.

It is effective in 90% of cases and you can track the time in all your favorite cities and destinations.

Rain alarm

You should download this rain alarm software to your iPhone or Android device since it displays our nation’s isobaric conditions in real-time.

The most useful thing about this application is that you can establish a series of alerts that arrive through notifications about weather events that may occur in your location, such as rain, snow, or hail, among others.

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Weather Radar

Weather Radar is one of the most complete weather alert apps as it has radar maps, weather notification settings, storm trackers, and weather forecasts.

This app will allow you to install its widget on the home screen and a complete notification panel on Android phones.

Rain Viewer

If you need a more detailed snowfall forecast, try Rain Viewer. It works like a weather radar to track storms in real time and can forecast any inclement weather for the next 2 hours.

Its affectivity percentage is quite high and it allows us to configure alarms that will be displayed as push messages. It also integrates a wide variety of features and widgets to configure on the Android home screen.


Umbrella is another good app to find out if you need to go out with an umbrella or not. Each answer will be accompanied by an image that represents a person who takes an umbrella based on the forecast for the next few hours.

In addition, it allows you to configure wind, rain, and snow alerts with exact times, and, once programmed, it will notify you via a push message to remind you if you should leave home with an umbrella or not.

At THE APK GURU, we recommend that you always be prepared for inclement weather, so we recommend using one of these snow alarm apps, especially if you plan to travel by road.

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