The Best Apps to Send Large Files

The best methods for sharing small files are the classic ones such as email, social networks, or messaging services. But if what you need is to send large files from your smartphone, you can do it by following the best apps to send large files.

Limitations when Sending Files

No social network or messaging provider is going to allow you to share a file of considerable size since all services have an established GB limit. Therefore, you need extra tools to send it safely.

Most of these do not require registration, which is quite useful if you want to send files quickly. In addition, in general, almost all of them are free and will work as long as you install them on your mobile phone.

The Best Apps to Send Large Files

The good news is that the market offers a variety of tools to send files for free over the Internet, that is, large documents, videos, and images, using any type of Android or iOS phone.

In addition, you will not have to get lost in the different application markets of each of the platforms, since we leave them ready for download and installation below.

Share It

Undoubtedly, one of the best file transfer applications with a much larger than the normal size that guarantees easy file sharing between devices: Windows, Mac, Android smartphone, and iPhone…

This program can process files of any size at high speed. It’s good for sharing movies, RAW photos, music files, GIFs, documents, and just about any type of file you can think of.

In addition, thanks to the connectivity options, you will be able to share files between nearby devices without having to be connected to the Internet.


Probably the reference app to send files via the web. Not too long ago, WeTransfer also had a mobile application that allows you to share files up to 10 GB in size.

Download and install the app on your smartphone from the links below and enter your email address. Then select the file or files, and enter the email address of the recipient.

This will receive an email that will inform you that you have a file pending download (important that you do not let a lot of time pass, since it will expire after a few days). By clicking on the link, you will get your download easily and without registration.

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Send Anywhere

Large file transfers across devices were the goal of Send Anywhere’s design. As with Share it, we are talking about an app that is compatible with different operating systems and different file sizes.

As with the other options, it is not necessary to create an account (register) to use this file-sharing service.

The ” Share link ” option allows you to group various contents into a URL that your contacts can visit within the next 48 hours when it expires.


Xender is compatible with iOS and Android, and you can use it to send and receive files between devices without any file size limits. So, it is the ideal option if what you want is to send larger files.

It also offers other interesting features, such as the ability to edit the videos you upload to the service to, for example, extract the audio and generate a separate mp3 file. You can even use it to download content from social networks.

At THE APK GURU, we know that it is often difficult to send a large video or other heavy files over the Internet, but with these the best apps to send large files, you won’t have any problems and you can do it from your mobile phone by following a few simple steps.

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