Canva introduces Artificial Intelligence to its platform to create designs and images faster and easier

Some innovations such as ‘Brand Hub’, ‘Assistant’, or ‘Magic Write’ facilitate user creation.

The graphic design tool, Canva introduces artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform to facilitate the creation of designs, in addition, ‘Visual Suite’ will have more functions that will improve the work of users thanks to these new features:

  • ‘ Assistant ‘: It will be a personal assistant within the platform, giving quick access to functions and providing ideas for designs according to the style and creations of Internet users.
  • ‘ Magic Edit ‘: Add or replace any element within an image.
  • ‘ Magic Eraser ‘: Eliminate unwanted distractions with a magic brush.
  • ‘ Magic Design ‘: A person can upload a photo for Canva to make designs by choosing the fonts, images, graphics, and styles.
  • ‘ Draw ‘: Draw ideas and make sketches, in addition, it has a great variety of brushes that change color and size to paint freehand.
  • ‘ Shape Assistant ‘: Refine a design.
  • ‘ Translator ‘: Translates a layout into another language. More than a hundred different languages are offered.
  • ‘ Beat Sync ‘: Such a tool will be available in the video editor to choose a suitable soundtrack.
  • ‘ Magic Write ‘: Canva can be asked to write a text on a specific topic.
  • ‘ Text to Image ‘: Transforms the writing to an image.

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Other new features included are:

  • ‘ Styles ‘: Search for color palettes and fonts.
  • ‘ Alt Text ‘: Provides additional context of the images for the visually impaired.
  • ‘ Layers ‘: Lets you see all the elements in one place, including text, shapes, images, and video.
  • 953 fonts have been added.
  • ‘ Gradients ‘: Add character and depth to your design.

Canva introduces Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, Canva incorporates ‘ Brand Hub ‘, a range of tools and creations with ‘Magic Replace’ to update a brand’s designs (for example, when there is a logo change). Also, ‘ Brand Kit ‘ is a novelty that controls all workflows.

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