Get Ready for the New WhatsApp: 6 Exciting Features Coming Soon in the Next Update!

  • The instant messaging app is about to launch a new version with functions that Internet users have been asking for a long time. 

The next WhatsApp update is going to have great new features that aim to improve the experience of users who continue to choose their app as their favorite over other similar ones. Previews of the features that can be seen on Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging platform were revealed by WABetaInfo, and today, we bring you up to date so you know what to expect.

More Options in the Image Editor

Photos can be cropped or emoticons inserted or drawn on before hitting the send button. These functions fall somewhat short and, therefore, the developers have been working on tools to be able to customize the text, with new types of fonts or the possibility of changing the color of the background.

New in Temporary Messages

For some time, in WhatsApp, you can activate the function of temporary chats that automatically disappear after a day, a week, or 90 days. Internet users must select how long they want the messages to last before they are deleted forever and it seems that those from Meta intend to add fifteen new durations.

Editing Messages

WhatsApp allows us to delete the messages we send (although with a certain time limit) in case we regret it or make a mistake. Many resorts to this option when they make spelling mistakes or send a link that was not to a chat, for example, but the possibility of editing messages would be more effective. Luckily, WhatsApp is already working on it.


To keep the world informed, the application is developing a function that will allow the launch of newsletters. This tool, independent of the communities, will be a new way for the media or organizations to communicate with users and will also be useful for content creators.

Video Messages

Those who are more fans of face-to-face than of talking by text or audio will have the possibility of sending video messages to interact with their contacts. WhatsApp video messages will have a maximum duration of 60 seconds, so it will not be possible to send eternal videos as some do with audio.

Pinned Messages

The option to star messages in a chat is very useful to ensure that you have them handy and refer to something relevant. However, to reach them, you have to enter the chat, go to the contact information, scroll down to ‘Featured messages’, and find the one you want.

With the functionality of pinning messages, Internet users will be able to have the most important one on top of their conversations. This can be key for group chats that are created for university work, since they allow you to always have delivery dates in view, for example.

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