Instagram’s Revolutionary New System for Organizing Direct Messages!

A leak revealed that users will be able to segment their messages with the labels ‘All’, ‘Top’, ‘General’, and ‘Message Requests

Instagram is developing a new style that will categorize direct messages (DM) in the platform’s inbox into groups including “All,” “General,” and “Requests.”

Instagram now offers a shortcut with the icon of a paper airplane in the upper right corner of its main interface that users can use to access direct messages.

The notes, which allow users to express their thoughts in no more than 60 characters, are first disseminated in this part. Moreover, people who are presently using the app are indicated by a green circle to the right of their profile picture.

Next, the messages sent and received as well as the time since these users’ last connection are listed in chronological order. On the other side, message requests are also listed below the current active contacts.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known leaker with a track record of social media success, just published what appears to be the upcoming redesign of Instagram’s direct message interface, which features a new classification.

Users will be able to filter their messages specifically by using the labels “All,” “Main,” “General,” and “Message Requests.” A blue dot will appear in the frame of a message’s classification as soon as it is received, along with the total number of messages that have been received.

On the other hand, the screenshot that Paluzzi supplied shows that the newly designed Meta-developed service’s user interface would have a button for accessing featured messages.

Also, it will alert users when users who show up in their inbox are broadcasting live by encircling their profile photo with the tool’s distinctive circle.

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