The Most Surprising and Successful TikTok Filters

TikTok is one of the most used apps in the world today, especially among the youngest. The platform is known for its infinite scroll with short videos and for its beauty, game, and funny Tiktok filters. The last to go viral was ‘Blod Glamour’, which used artificial intelligence to completely change the faces of users without hardly noticing.  

I’m lost

This Tiktok filter displays a message on the screen saying “I’m Lost” while showing a map with a location arrow pointing in various directions. TikTok users often use this filter to express confusion, disorientation, or being lost humorously.

Big eye baby

The eyes of a baby usually stand out for being very large compared to the rest of the face. That’s why the filter that makes your eyes bigger on TikTok is called ‘big baby eye’ in English.

AI Manga

This TikTok filter uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the user’s face into an anime or manga-style character. The filter can change the user’s eyes, hair, and facial features to create a unique animated version of themselves.


It’s a popular video TikTok filter that transforms the user’s appearance into a cartoon-like version of themselves. It’s a fun and creative way to add a unique twist to your TikTok videos.

AI Pinter

With Artificial Intelligence too, this filter is capable of creating illustrations that simulate avant-garde works of art with our faces.

Always Angry

With this filter, users can appear angry. The face that he puts on with the effect is sure that, more than pissing you off, it generates the occasional laugh that infects your followers.

Outfit Color Combos

If you don’t know what clothes to wear today, you can let this filter combine colors for you and make the choice of clothes to wear from the closet easier.

Dancers Generator

It’s a popular filter on TikTok filter that allows users to create a virtual dance performance with multiple dancers. Users can choose the song, the number of dancers, and the type of dance moves they want the virtual dancers to perform. The Tiktok filters use augmented reality technology to superimpose the virtual dancers onto the user’s video, creating a fun and engaging effect.

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Color Eyebrows

One of the trends that have been taking place lately on TikTok has to do with the Cupido song by Tini Stoessel, who appeared at an event with pink eyebrows. To test how it looks on them, some users are using makeup and another filter that colors the eyebrows in fantasy colors.

Horrifying TikTok Filters

There is a filter that has also gone viral in recent weeks that, when the user smiles, puts on a monster mask. In the videos where it is used, Internet users perform everyday activities or try not to laugh to avoid the filter being activated.


Because of its distinctive features and filters, TikTok has become a very popular social media site in recent years. There is a variety of TikTok filters available, which enable users to produce original and creative material, which is one of its most well-liked features. Simple color and lighting modifications to more intricate animations and special effects are all covered by these filters. Users can add a unique flair to their movies with these filters, setting them apart from the competition. Everyone can find something on TikTok, whether it be the well-liked face-changing filters or the augmented reality ones.

For TikTok creators, these filters have evolved into a crucial tool for expressing their creativity and producing interesting content. The options for making original and interesting content for TikTok are growing with each new filter that is made available.

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