Twitter users worried as private Circle tweets go public in “For You”

The Twitter Circle arrived in Spain at the end of August last year as a way to share thoughts only with a small group of a maximum of 100 users. This function was quite reminiscent of the ‘Best Friends’ of Instagram and allowed people to be encouraged to publish tweets that only wanted to be read by trusted people.

Now, some consumers of the social network have reported that their publications directed to the Circle are visible in the main interface ‘For you’. Therefore, supposedly private messages are being made public.

Amanda Silberling, a staff writer, became aware of the error after seeing a tweet from a public account without the ability to retweet, as Circle posts look. By clicking on the message, it disappeared and, when asked the user, she told him that he had shared it privately.

Tweets are not only reaching people who follow accounts outside of the Circle, but they are showing up in ‘For You’. In other words, there are Internet users who do not even follow the users who can see the Circle’s publications due to the platform’s failure.

It should be noted that the social network is currently testing so that only tweets from people that users follow and from accounts subscribed to Twitter Blue appear in ‘For you’. According to Elon Musk, owner of the app, the initial algorithm was going to be “pretty embarrassing” and he was aware that there would be several bugs that he would try to fix “quickly”. However, the issue of private posts coming to light can be more than just ’embarrassing’, as many use the Circle to let off steam or talk about confidential topics they don’t want to share with others.

Since the Circle function began to roll out, some glitches have been appearing, such as the green label not appearing and only showing the RT button as if it were an account lock. However, so far, no one had reported that their tweets were being shared with the general public, until now.

Musk hasn’t spoken about the problem yet and, having fired his entire PR team, the media can’t try to ask the company if they are aware of it and if they are working to fix it. In the meantime, users must be careful and avoid posting very private tweets.

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