Elon Musk Shocks the World: Twitter Disappears Overnight as ‘X Corp’ Takes Over Everything!

The tycoon created a social network with the penultimate letter of the alphabet before acquiring the Bluebird app and this latest movement could be related. 
Some users’ Twitter Circle tweets appear public in ‘For You

Elon Musk has been changing Twitter since he became its owner at the end of October. After reducing the company’s staff to a minimum, his latest decision has been to close it completely and annex it to X Corp.

To confirm this move, Musk tweeted an ‘X’ yesterday. The name of the company is related to the “everything application” that the tycoon wanted to create a long time ago as a replacement for Twitter, before acquiring the Bluebird app.

With this modification, the tycoon could have in mind that Twitter would become what he wanted to achieve with social network X. In fact, in recent months, it has been commented that Musk could be considering the option for users to can make mobile payments from the app or book tickets, as well as interact with others.

In addition to the social network and the company X Corp, Musk has demonstrated his fixation on the penultimate letter of the alphabet on more than one occasion. For example, he bought the domain x.com, has created several companies in Delaware with variations of the name X Holding, and his aerospace company is called SpaceX.

However, his obsession with the letter is most noticeable in his son’s name: X Æ A-12. Twitter’s addition to X Corp. is just the latest step the billionaire has taken to make the X his corporate hallmark.

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