We’ve been using Gmail for almost 20 years: this is how Google’s email tool has evolved

  • On April 1, 2004, Gmail was created as a service for the exclusive use of Google employees, but three years later, the technology giant made the platform available to all users.

Google announced its email service called Gmail on April 1, 2004, and since then, the platform has become another email provider for all users.

The developer Paul Buchheit created this service for the exclusive use of Google employees, in addition, the registration was restricted by an invitation system, but finally, on February 13, 2007, the technological giant released the registrations so that anyone could enjoy from the platform without a prior invitation.

Google wanted a simple service with an integrated search engine and superior storage than the competition.

Over the years, Gmail has been introducing the following new features to improve the user experience:
  • In 2007, Google Docs and Sheets were integrated into Gmail, so the user could attach this type of document without leaving the brand’s ecosystem.
  • A year later, the email service was made available in 37 languages, group chats and labels were introduced, the Internet user could manage contacts, and synchronization with Google Calendar was included.
  • That same year, Google introduced the Attachment Detector to warn users of missing files.
  • In 2009, Gmail offered the ability to undo sending an email.
  • Two years later, the platform’s design changed to a minimalist interface.
  • And in 2012, Gmail enabled the ability to attach Google Drive documents to emails.

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There were many changes in so few years, but to lead the podium of mail services, Google redesigned Gmail again in 2018 to transform it into a more productive platform. 

These advances aside, Big Tech always wants more, so in its last big update in February 2022, Google said goodbye to Hangouts to make a chat service available to users along with a new interface.

Who knows what Gmail can offer us in the future, but it is one hundred percent sure that it will bring us more changes to improve the experience.

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