Free Up Mobile Space with This Web Browser Trick: Ditch Apps and Streamline Your Life!

In addition to reducing their memory footprint, users can reduce battery consumption and detox from social media. 

Almost all the applications that we have on our mobile could be uninstalled using a single platform. By dispensing with having many apps and reducing it to just one, you can save on memory and energy, in addition to facilitating the protection of our privacy.

The app we are talking about is the web browser and, best of all, you can create shortcuts to social networks. In this way, going to them will be just as fast and easy as when downloading applications, but without taking up as many gigabytes.

When we enter social networks or other services through the computer, it is normal to do it from the browser. However, on the phone, we have become accustomed to installing all the apps. The trick of doing the same thing that we do on the computer with the mobile is to get used to it and take advantage of the advantages that this entails.

What can you consume from the browser?

  • Social networks: TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are apps that have a web version. So, just create a shortcut for the home tab and enjoy all the available options as if you had the platforms installed. 
  • Google Maps: you can do without the application and directly use the web version that also connects to GPS navigation. 
  • YouTube or other streaming content platforms: these services can take up a lot of space on the device that could be reduced by logging in from the browser.

Thanks to making these small changes, you can improve privacy (blocking cookies or browsing privately, for example) and reduce ads with adblockers. It also saves a lot of battery, by not having the apps running in the background, and users can detoxify themselves from the networks, by not getting notifications.

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