How to Create Memes with your Android Mobile

Memes have become such a big part of the internet and it would be brutal to make them ourselves. We tell you how to create memes with your Android mobile.

Maybe a few years ago anyone thought that it was not going to be possible, but that memes have become an important part of the Internet is a reality. Nowadays we can see them almost anywhere, being social networks like Twitter or messaging apps like WhatsApp where we are going to find ourselves the most. If you know where to look, it’s not difficult at all to find thematic memes of all kinds depending on the situation, although the downside of these is that they tend to be somewhat generic. 

What’s the good part? Well, with a little time and imagination, we can create personalized memes, and in fact, we don’t even need a computer for it. In this article, we will tell you more about how to create memes with your android device.

How to Create Memes with your Android with photos

Regardless of whether you want to create a meme for WhatsApp or post it on your social networks, it’s as easy as finding a funny image (or a meme template on the Internet) and inserting some type of text into it. Android devices natively or even applications that we all have installed on our devices, such as WhatsApp itself, allow us to edit photos with drawings or text to make memes. Of course, in this way, we will achieve a more “basic” result. For example, the Gallery application that we find installed on all Samsung Galaxy will allow us to process photos with 

Now, if what we want is to achieve an aspect more similar to the memes that we can find on the Internet, we will have no choice but to go to a third-party app for it. As it is a fairly low level of editing that we need, the reality is that we will be able to use almost any editing tool for Android. However, as you will see below, we will always achieve a better result (and a much faster one) by going to a specialized app. 

The best Android apps to create and edit memes

As we said, the best way to create a meme from an Android device is to go to a specialized app for it. If we search the Google Play Store or other application stores, it won’t be too difficult for us to find dozens of these applications to generate memes, although if we don’t choose well, we may have to use an app that lacks content or tools to edit. Therefore, just below we leave you a list of the best apps to create and edit memes for your Android device.

Meme Generator

If we talk about applications to create and edit memes, it is impossible not to refer to Meme Generator, possibly the app of this type that has been active for the longest time. This is one of the best options for creating memes, thanks above all to the large catalog of templates at your disposal. Meme Generator also allows you to create mosaics with these templates, and of course, it will also allow you to create memes with your photos.


Although Meme Generator is possibly the most popular option, we cannot leave out other very interesting options such as Memasik. The great asset that Memasik has over other apps of this style is that it acts as a kind of social network for memes since we will find other people’s creations on it. Of course, we can also use it to make our creations, using our photos or templates that the app contains.

Meme Maker

If you have an old Android mobile phone and you’re looking for a simple app to create memes that don’t consume a lot of resources, Meme Creator is perfect for you. We are going to have its templates categorized quite clearly, so it will not cost us any work to find what we need. This app indeed has fewer options to choose from, but it is still a great option.

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GATM Meme Generator

Another option that cannot be left out of this list of applications is GATM Meme Generator. With it, we are going to have a very clear and very accessible interface, as well as a fairly large catalog of templates to use (including the most iconic ones on the Internet). In addition, with it, we will have the possibility to directly share our creations with other applications, including social networks like Twitter.


We close the list with Memedroid, another application whose main asset is the ability to view, rate, and share even if we want the creations of other users. This is a plus that we must add to the possibility of creating our memes, either using its numerous templates or photos uploaded by ourselves. It has a good number of options to be able to create memes, although a little below other options like the Meme Generator.

The best thing about these applications is that they are completely free, so you will not have to pay anything to use them. It is true that in return we will have to suffer from the presence of advertising in them, although some options such as Meme Generator have a paid version to avoid it

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