How To Listen to YouTube Audio with The Screen Off

YouTube is not only an application used to play videos, but also to listen to music or all kinds of programs. But did you know you can listen to any audio on this platform with the mobile screen turned off? Here we tell you how.

Can I use YouTube without Turning on the Screen?

Given the popularity of the Google application, it is normal to want to enjoy it without turning on the screen. So, you can listen to what you want while you work, play sports, study, or do any other activity.

Unfortunately, as you may have already seen, YouTube stops when you exit the app or lock your phone. But there are a few ways how to listen to YouTube audio with the screen off if you meet a few conditions.

How To Listen to YouTube Audio with The Screen Off

Regardless of the reason you want to do it (for example, to save battery), there are a few ways to play YouTube with your phone locked. If you want to get it, try these alternatives.

YouTube Premium

If you don’t mind paying a small fee and want to avoid ads and get extra features, you can subscribe to the YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) paid service for €11.99 per month from this website.

During these days, you can take advantage of the promotion that allows you to enjoy all the advantages of the platform’s payment plan, totally free, for 4 months.

With it you will get exclusive content, download content to access offline, and have the ability to work with playback in the background with the screen off.

Use NewPipe

NewPipe is a widely used free app for downloading audio and video from YouTube. This app also allows you to play YouTube videos in the background with the phone’s screen turned off.

All you have to do is install the app by downloading it from here. Do not look in the Android store, as you will not find it in the Play Store. Proceed to the installation by granting permission for the browser to install apps from unknown sources, and follow this path:

  • Open the app and play the YouTube video you want
  • Use the search bar to find the clips
  • On the playback screen, tap the Background button
  • Minimize the app
  • Lock your phone to turn off the screen

As you will discover, you will be able to listen to the music or the audio of the video that you have selected with the screen turned off.

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From your Web Browser

Almost all of our smartphone browsers have a desktop mode that we can use to listen to the Google application without having to have the screen on.

You can try this small but useful Chrome trick. Since the former is the most used browser on Android, here are the instructions for this browser.

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Enter in the address bar
  • Once YouTube opens in the browser, press the options button, identified with 3 dots, in the upper right corner
  • Select the option to view the page in desktop mode
  • Select the video you want
  • Go back to the home screen of the smartphone
  • Swipe down to open Notification Center
  • Here, you will see active Google Chrome as a media player
  • Press the Play button to continue listening to the YouTube video
  • Finally, turn off the screen to enjoy the content of the app without having the panel on all the time.

At THE APK GURU, we are very aware of the possibilities offered by the Google video application, and for this reason, we reveal all the functions of the platform that can make your life more comfortable.

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