How to Play PC Games on Android

In this guide, we show you all the options for how to play PC games on Android. With these tricks, you will enjoy the best computer games on your mobile thanks to the use of emulators, the latest streaming games, and the best PC games compiled for Android

We are going to explain what are the most recommended methods to play your favorite PC games on Android. Throughout the entire guide, we explain what you must do to emulate PC games on Android, which is much more complicated than the reverse process, emulate Android games on PC. We will also talk about the best applications to play in the cloud via streaming, in addition to dedicating a section to ports, games originally developed for another platform that has been adapted to mobile environments. Do not miss it!

How to emulate PC games on Android

The first way to play some of the best PC games on Android is to emulate them. This process, which is carried out by software, creates an ideal environment to run applications initially developed for another platform. As a consequence, it allows you to install computer games on your phone.

We don’t want to mislead you on this point: there aren’t too many PC emulators for Android out there. One that we love is Magic DosBox, an emulator for MS-DOS games.

To take advantage of this emulator, you must first download the images of the game you want to run. Then, press on New game to select the downloaded ISO, GOG, INST, and CUE files. Change the settings as necessary to meet the demands of the downloaded title.

The best PC emulators to play on Android

Don’t be fooled, the first thing you should know is that there aren’t many good PC emulators for Android, but this lack of Windows emulators for Google’s mobile operating system is not a problem. Remember that many titles that were published for Windows also had a version for consoles. And in this field, there is much more to do.

These are console emulators that will allow you to play PC games on Android:

  • PPPSPP. Many computer games also appeared on the Sony PSP. Take advantage of this emulator to have a good time with them.
  • Play! Now it’s time for Sony’s PlayStation 2, a console that shared many titles with the PC. Its interface is neat and compatible with the ROMs of this console.
  • RetroArch. It is an emulator compatible with various platforms. With it, you can emulate games from epic consoles, such as the Nintendo 64 or the SEGA MegaDrive. But also from others that got many PC titles, like the PSP or the PlayStation.

How to play PC games on Android from the cloud via streaming

Given how difficult it is to emulate a PC game on Android, you may be interested in betting on streaming from the cloud. How does this system work?

It is very simple. The execution of the video game is carried out on a remote server. Everything that happens on the screen is transmitted to a device, which can be an Android mobile, but also a PC, a SmartTV, or a tablet. The actions that are undertaken from the user’s device are sent in real-time to the server, which carries them out and sends the signal with the response. There are several options available to stream PC games to Android as we explain below, but the most popular solution is Moonlight.

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Moonlight Game Streaming, your game cloud

Moonlight Game Streaming is an open-source application that takes advantage of NVIDIA’s GameStream protocol. If your PC is compatible with this technology, you will be able to broadcast the content of your games to an Android device without major complications. Even in 4K resolution.

Your PC must meet the following requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or later.
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX/RTX GPU 600 series or later. GT series graphics cards are not supported.
  • Required Application: GeForce Experience with GameStream option enabled.
  • Screen resolution: monitor 720p or higher.
  • Connection: 5 Mbps upload (only necessary if you plan to stream from outside your home).

Once the client is installed and configured on your PC, download the Android app. Having connected the computer and the phone to the same WiFi network, the games installed on the computer will appear, ready to be broadcast on the device.

The best game streaming apps for Android

Cloud gaming is a solution that more and more technology companies are betting on.

Therefore, there are three options on the market that you should not ignore:

  • Xbox Game Pass. This Microsoft platform takes a multitude of games available on PC and Xbox to the cloud. A subscription is required if you want to play PC titles on your phone.
  • Steam Link. We are facing a somewhat different proposal. This application turns your PC into a server from which you can broadcast games to your Android mobile. Obviously, it works with those titles purchased from the Steam store.
  • NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Another game streaming service in the cloud. The proposal in this case comes from NVIDIA, the well-known manufacturer of the graphics card.

The best PC games compiled for Android

The last option you have is PC game ports for Android. What are they exactly? We refer to titles that were originally developed for desktop computers and have now been transformed into native Android applications.

This is one of the most interesting alternatives when it comes to running PC games on an Android phone. And there are good reasons to affirm this:

  • Integrated touch controls. The process of transforming a PC game into an Android app includes the implementation of touch controls. The developer has made the necessary efforts so that the title integrates perfectly with the touch panel of your device.
  • Functional multimedia system. Emulating games doesn’t always provide the best experience. And the same can be said of the cloud, especially if the connection is not good. But, in the case of games ported from Windows, there are no audio dropouts or poor display quality. Everything runs on the phone itself, so usually, this type of failure does not appear.
  • You don’t need the internet. Another benefit of running a PC game on the device itself is that you don’t need a network connection unless you have an online multiplayer option.

In this article we have discussed how to play pc games on android, I hope you are now well on this topic. And what are the disadvantages? Mainly, there is a downside. Ports of PC games for Android are usually paid. It’s something that happens with GTA San Andreas or Minecraft. Fortunately, there are also free ones, like Carmaggedon or Crazy Taxi, which were once available on PC.

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