Instagram: How to Download a Photo on PC And Without Using Third-Party Programs?

You also don’t need to access disreputable websites. Just follow these steps to perform the trick

On many occasions, we want to download a photograph that we see on Instagram. The platform, on the contrary, does not let us do it directly from the app or the website, so some resort to less secure methods. On PC, however, there is a simple way to do it and we would not even resort to third-party programs.

Although we can take a screenshot on the cell phone, this does not ensure a decent resolution. Also, being an app, we cannot take advantage of the platform’s tools to obtain the image we want. On a computer, it is the opposite.

Being on PC we can take advantage of the URLs to reach the original image. Instagram is directly associated with Facebook, so the image bank is saved in this other social network, so to speak. Therefore, it is possible to access that photo in its original size from the website.

How to download a photo from Instagram?

To get started, you just have to enter the website as usual. Then, go to the post where the photo you want to download is. If you try to do it conventionally, by right-clicking and trying to “Save image as”, this option will not even appear. But there is a way for it to show up.

In the image URL, add the following: “/media/?size=l”, and hit Enter. It is important to check that there are not two bars or ‘slash’ together and that the letter ‘L’ (which means ‘large’ or large) that you have put at the end is in lowercase. The best way is to simply copy the text of this note.

When you do this, you will see that the URL has changed to one similar to the one used on Facebook and that even the icon is from the blue social network. Thus, all that remains is to right-click on the image and click on “Save image as”. However, you should keep in mind that when there are more images in the same publication, this trick can only be used with the first photo.

What happens if you use the trick on an Instagram post that is a video? Nothing bad happens, but you won’t be able to download the video either. What happens is similar to the above, only it does not show the video, but the image that appears at the beginning.

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