How To Use Spotify Without Ads on iPhone in 2023


The most widely used music streaming service globally is now Spotify. With more than 345 million active users, Spotify has completely changed how we listen to music. However, the frequent interruption of adverts during music listening, especially for iPhone users, is one of the major annoyances of using Spotify’s free edition.

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service that was established in 2006 featuring a vast database of songs, podcasts, and other audio files. Both the free and paid versions of it give users access to ad-free listening and premium content.

iPhone users are not the only ones whose everyday lives now include listening to streaming music. Spotify makes it simple and fun for iPhone users to access their favorite songs and playlists while on the road.

iPhone users can upgrade to Spotify Premium to enjoy commercial-free, continuous listening. Users can download songs for offline listening and enjoy high-quality audio when they subscribe to Premium. Moreover, Premium provides exclusive benefits including access to recently released songs and customized playlists. Generally, people who wish to use Spotify without ads on iPhone should consider upgrading to Spotify Premium.

What is Spotify Premium? 

The most popular music streaming service in the world, Spotify, offers a paid subscription service called Spotify Premium. It is made for people who want to use Spotify without ads on iPhone or any other device without advertisements. Let’s examine everything Spotify Premium has to offer in more detail:

There are many features included in Spotify Premium that are not present in the free version. First off, and this is a big plus, Premium subscribers can listen to music uninterrupted by advertising. Second, Premium subscribers have the option to download songs and playlists for offline listening, which comes in handy when traveling or in locations with spotty internet. Thirdly, Premium subscribers have access to high-definition audio streams at up to 320kbps. Finally, Premium subscribers have access to exclusive material, such as freshly released songs and custom playlists.

Although Spotify’s free version is great, it does have certain restrictions. The biggest drawback is the interruption of the listening experience by advertisements. Moreover, tracks can only be downloaded for offline listening at a maximum bitrate of 160kbps for free users. Finally, no exclusive content is available to free users.

The price of Spotify Premium, a premium subscription service, varies by region and plan. A premium subscription costs $9.99 a month in the United States but may be cheaper or more expensive in other nations. Moreover, Spotify provides student discounts and family plans, which can lower the cost of the service for people who want to share a subscription or are in school. In general, the price of a premium subscription is fair given the services and advantages it provides.

For individuals who wish to use Spotify without ads on iPhone or other devices without advertisements, Spotify Premium is a great choice. It is a wise purchase for music enthusiasts due to its variety of features, which include ad-free listening, offline playback, high-quality audio, and unique content. Spotify is a premium subscription service, but the price is fair, and to make the service more affordable, it provides family plans and student discounts.

How To Use Spotify Without Ads on iPhone Without Premium 

Spotify is an excellent music streaming service, but the ads can be annoying, particularly for iPhone users who do not have access to Spotify Premium. However, there are several ways to use Spotify without ads on iPhone without a premium subscription. Here are three methods:

One way to avoid ads on Spotify is to disable cellular data for the app. This can be done by going to Settings > Cellular, scrolling down to Spotify, and toggling off the switch next to it. This will prevent the app from using cellular data and only allow it to play songs that have already been downloaded. While this method will not eliminate ads, it will significantly reduce the number of ads that are played.

Another method to avoid ads on Spotify is to create playlists that contain only songs that are available on Spotify without ads. This can be done by searching for songs and adding them to the playlist. Users can also use Spotify’s curated playlists, such as “Today’s Top Hits” or “Pop Rising,” which do not have ads. By using playlists, users can avoid the ads that play between songs and enjoy uninterrupted listening.

A third method to use Spotify without ads on an iPhone is to use the desktop version of Spotify on a computer with an ad-blocker installed. This method is not ideal for those who prefer to listen to music on their mobile devices but can be useful for those who work or study on a computer. Users can download the desktop version of Spotify and install an ad-blocker extension on their browser, such as uBlock Origin or AdBlock. This will block all ads from playing on Spotify and allow users to enjoy uninterrupted listening.

In conclusion, while the best way to use Spotify without ads on iPhone is to subscribe to Spotify Premium, several alternative methods can be used to avoid ads. These include disabling cellular data for Spotify, creating playlists with songs that do not have ads, and using Spotify on a desktop with an ad-blocker installed. By using these methods, users can enjoy uninterrupted listening on Spotify without paying for a premium subscription.

Using Third-Party Apps to Block Ads on Spotify 

For iPhone users, there are third-party apps that ostensibly remove Spotify adverts. Although utilizing these programs to use Spotify without ads on iPhone can be alluring, there are drawbacks. Before utilizing ad-blocking software from a third party on Spotify, keep the following in mind:

The potential for malware and viruses when utilizing third-party programs is one of the major dangers. There is no assurance that these apps are secure to use because they were not created or certified by Spotify. The terms of service of Spotify may also be broken by utilizing these apps, which could lead to account suspension or termination.

Despite the dangers, there are several well-liked ad-blocking apps for Spotify for the iPhone. The most well-known ones are Weblock, AdBlock Plus, and AdBlock for Mobile. It’s crucial to do your homework before downloading any of these programs, even though they make the promise to prevent adverts on Spotify and other apps.

Here are some general guidelines on how to utilize a third-party ad-blocking program on Spotify for iPhone:

  • It’s crucial to remember that depending Download the ad-blocking app from the App Store and install it.
  • Launch the application and adhere to the setup instructions.
  • Configure the VPN profile for the app to enable ad blocking.
  • Launch Spotify and begin enjoying some music.

on the app you choose to use, the particular instructions could change.

While utilizing third-party ad-blocking apps might seem like a simple and quick way to use Spotify without ads on iPhone, there are substantial hazards involved. Before installing and using these apps, users should do extensive research on them and be aware of any potential virus risks as well as any potential terms of service violations. It’s also vital to remember that not all Spotify adverts may be entirely blocked by these apps.


Finally, there are many ways to use Spotify without ads on iPhone, including turning off cellular data, making playlists, using an ad-blocker on a computer, and utilizing third-party ad-blocking software. The risks of utilizing third-party apps should be taken into account, and each program should be thoroughly investigated before downloading and using. While using Spotify without advertisements can improve the music-listening experience, it’s crucial to respect the rights of artists and content creators by financially or otherwise supporting them. The website for Spotify provides details on its subscription plans and usage instructions for further reading.


How do I use the Spotify app without ads? 

You can download an ad-blocking app or subscribe to Spotify Premium to use Spotify without ads on iPhone (with caution).

How do I skip ads on Spotify without premium iOS? 

Try turning off cellular data for Spotify, making playlists, using Spotify ad blocker on your computer or third-party ad-blocking software, or eliminating ads.

Does Spotify on iOS have ads? 

Ads are included in Spotify’s free iOS app, yes. There are no adverts with Spotify Premium, the premium version.

Can you turn off ads on Spotify? 

Yes, you can disable adverts on Spotify by purchasing a Spotify Premium subscription or using an ad-blocking application (with caution).

How do I turn off automatic ads on Spotify? 

In Spotify’s free version, automated adverts cannot be turned off. To prevent adverts, you may either sign up for Spotify Premium or (with caution) use an ad-blocking program.

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