Denmark Also Prohibits Using TikTok on Some Official Devices

The Danish Ministry of Defense asserts security grounds to delete the app as soon as possible.

The Danish Ministry of Defense has forbidden its staff from installing the TikTok social network, owned by a Chinese company, on their official mobile devices, stating security considerations, a justification used in recent weeks by other countries to justify this move.

The Danish Defense has indicated that the prohibition is also based on the minimal use that this and other similar programs have in the work plans of employees, who are asked to uninstall it as quickly as possible if it has been installed.

The decision of the Ministry of Defense follows the recommendations of the Danish Center for Cyber Security (CFCS), which warned against using TikTok on mobile devices of public agencies. Before, it was the Justice and Climate and Energy portfolios that forbade the usage of this program to their personnel.

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Since the United States was notified of the claimed concerns to security that it would have to owe to the chance that China would demand ByteDance —the business that owns it— to supply it with data from its users, numerous countries have followed the veto initiated and have done so. forbidden.

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