Elon Musk has dethroned Barack Obama and has become the most followed person on Twitter

The entrepreneur posts updates from his other businesses and the Bluebird app to his social network, which has more than 133.1 million followers.

Even before he bought Twitter in October of last year, Elon Musk was well-known. But, his presence in his current social network is more widely known, and as a result, he has amassed the most followers of any member on the site.

Compared to Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, who has slightly over 133 million followers, the billionaire’s account has more than 133.1 million followers. Before purchasing the app in June of last year, Twitter’s CEO and owner achieved 100 million subscribers, but this movement has given him the boost he needs to overtake other users as the most followed person.

Musk is renowned for announcing the news that will be incorporated into applications or projects from other of his firms through his Twitter page. To ensure that he is the one who offers the exclusive, he frequently makes his communications on his behalf rather than through the mainstream media or a communication staff.

Because of his memes, the knowledge he shares on Twitter, and the surveys he conducts, the results of which are considered when making crucial decisions, a lot of Internet users have started to follow him.

Justin Bieber, with 113.2 million followers, and Katy Perry, the account of women with the most followers (108.3 million), are the accounts that come in after Musk and Obama.

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