Elon Musk’s Twitter Slip: Clues Hint at Possible AI Development, Despite His Support for ‘Stopping’ AI!

The businessman signed a petition whose objective was to stop the advance of this type of technology, however, his plans with Twitter which he bought in October are very different. 

Elon Musk was one of the signatories of the request of 1,100 experts who asked to stop the advance in Artificial Intelligence for six months. Despite the public letter, the main companies with this type of technology have continued with his projects, including OpenAI, the brand that he himself founded and whose project he left in 2019.

After a few weeks of signing, the tycoon has bought some 10,000 GPUs for a generative AI project on Twitter, although the details of what he will do with them are unknown. A few months ago, The Information media outlet assured that Musk had tried to get the opinion of specialized AI researchers to create a new AI laboratory that would compete with ChatGPT and this step could be the beginning of this. 

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are chips initially intended for computer graphics but are also perfect to be used for generative AI processing. This is because training a new AI model requires a large amount of computing power, found on many GPUs.

According to Business Insider, the model that could be incorporated into Twitter could use the tweets that users post as a training method. With this process, the social network would improve its search engine or new advertising methods would be developed.

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