France Also Bans TikTok on Official Government Mobiles

The French Executive has ordered that government employees’ smartphones cannot run any entertainment apps, including the well-known Chinese social network.

The TikTok social network as well as other sorts of services, like streaming ones, are affected by the French government’s announcement that employees of the administration will not be permitted to download “recreational programs” on their official mobile phones starting “immediately.”

Stanislas Guerini, Minister of Transformation and Public Function, issued the directive following an examination of the difficulties presented by this kind of application, “, especially in terms of security,” and following actions taken by several international partners against the Chinese company TikTok.

Paris has chosen to implement a general veto because it believes that leisure applications “do not present sufficient levels of cybersecurity and data protection to be installed on administration equipment.” If someone can, however, demonstrate that they have “professional needs,” permissions may still be granted in an “exceptional” manner.

The European Commission and many other European nations followed the United States Administration’s directive to remove TikTok from all government devices last February. Yet, the Chinese government rejects the supposed political motivation behind such actions.

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