Elon Musk drops bombshell deadline for Twitter’s blue badges – you won’t believe when it’s happening!

Users who want to keep the blue badges will have to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription.
¬†Some users’ Twitter Circle tweets appear public in ‘For You’.

On April 20, Twitter will eventually remove the blue badges from accounts that were verified via the previous procedure; after that, it will only be a benefit of the premium subscription.

The social network had previously announced that it would start removing inherited blue badges on April 1. Individual users who wanted to preserve their badges would need to subscribe to Twitter Blue, and businesses and organizations would need to use a different badge program specifically for them called “Verified Organizations.”

But there have been numerous accounts that, from this month’s commencement, have kept their blue badges without having made a subscription payment. Elon Musk, the company’s current owner, has stated on his profile that April 20 will be “the final date” on which the inherited blue badges will be withdrawn in order to correct this predicament.

Legacy blue badges were obtained using the previous, cost-free procedure, which just needed the interested user to submit an application for verification and fulfill a set of prerequisites. Its main goal was to stop impersonation by demonstrating that the user or the organization in charge of it was who they said they were and that they also played an important role in public discourse.

Musk, who was constantly critical of the procedure that gave or revoked the aforementioned badge, was never persuaded by this system. Due to this, in his new capacity as the social network’s owner, he included the blue badge in the Twitter Blue subscription, requiring those who desired it to additionally fulfill certain criteria in addition to paying for it.

This choice also resulted in the introduction of various badge colors, with blue remaining for individual user accounts, grey for institutional accounts, and yellow for other organizations and businesses. They also have a subscription via which they can connect accounts to their profiles and make them appear connected.

The date that Musk chose, 4/20, on the other hand, incorporates one of the tech billionaire’s own jokes because it makes reference to marijuana use.

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