The owner of TikTok promotes a new app in the US: everything we know about Lemon8

The social network has begun to promote within TikTok and content creators have also been asked to register so that their followers are interested in doing the same. 

Amid the controversy between the US and ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok has promoted its new application in the North American country, whose interface is quite reminiscent of Instagram. The social network is called Lemon8 and it is standing out at a time when US regulators and lawmakers are considering banning the brand’s most famous app for, according to them, being a danger to national security.

Lemon8 has been available since 2020, but until now there hasn’t been much talk about it and it hasn’t been officially seen in America yet. ByteDance has recently started investing in advertising and it seems to be doing well.

US users have begun to point out that within TikTok they have seen related ads, but the Asian firm has not wanted to stop there. They have also used marketing companies to contact influencers in the country governed by Joe Biden, so that they join the social network, upload content and promote it among their followers.

“ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, invites you to become a launch creator on its new Lemon8 platform before it officially launches in the United States,” read messages the company has sent to US content creators. to encourage them to sign up for Lemon8.

Now that the platform has come out of the shadows, according to Apptopia, it has had a huge surge in downloads. In total, Lemon8 is estimated to have achieved 16 million global downloads and has approximately 4.25 million monthly active users.

About this alternative to Instagram that ByteDance is betting on, the US may also show objections. As a “son of ByteDance,” as Lindsay Gorman, head of technology and geopolitics at the German Marshall Fund and a former technological consultant to the Biden administration, has been noted, that is, a product of the same brand, it is most likely that ” the same problems.”

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