Twitter Bids Farewell to Dogecoin Logo After Four-Day Fling, Introduces New Icon Instead

The face of the shiba inu surprised all users when it replaced the classic blue bird on the platform.

The Dogecoin logo has been removed from Twitter and the classic icon of the social network has returned. After four days on the platform, the face of the shiba inu was shown in the Elon Musk app, amid the bewilderment of users, who did not know why the change had been made.

On Monday morning, April 3, several users began to report that the Doge meme was appearing as the Twitter icon. The change came to all versions of the platform at night. By then, it was not known why the modification had been made, especially since there was no official announcement.

The only thing that was known is that Elon Musk was involved in the decision, as he posted a photo on his Twitter account. The billionaire posted an illustration of a person with the face of Doge being stopped by a police officer. When handing over his documents, in the photo of the identification, the logo of the social network appeared. The intervened only said: ” It’s an old photo.”

Hours later, the tycoon posted another photo with a conversation via Twitter. In it, a user asked him to buy the social network and change the logo to Doge’s face. ” Haha, that would be great,” replied Musk, who accompanied the photo with a statement: ” As promised. ” However, some believe that the modification was due to a legal problem.

Musk is being sued for “manipulating” the price of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency and causing it to skyrocket in a short time. His lawyers have asked that the lawsuit, which asks for US $ 285 billion, be dismissed since the billionaire’s publications and recommendations have increased its value by 36,000%.

The plaintiffs are based on the fact that, in 2021, a SpaceX mission was fully financed by Dogecoin. Tesla even accepts payments with this cryptocurrency on some products. Likewise, Musk, one of the most influential people and with the largest number of followers on Twitter, launches posts talking about this token, which is the eighth most valuable in the world, with a market capitalization of more than US$13 billion.

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