UK Bans TikTok on Government-Linked Devices

The immediate response, which is a response to concerns that the Chinese program “may” pose a risk in terms of cybersecurity, follows in the footsteps of nations like the United States, Denmark, Canada, and India.

By decisions already made by the European Commission or the US Administration in recent months, the government of the UK bans TikTok application and its installation on phones and other devices used by the public sector.

In a statement to the House of Commons, British Cabinet Secretary Oliver Dowden made the announcement and noted that, despite TikTok’s “limited” use on government devices, its existence “may” be dangerous—a cybersecurity threat.

Fears about TikTok being used as a Trojan horse to spread pro-Chinese propaganda or gather user data have grown in the West. Still, Beijing has refuted this claim, claiming that behind this cascade of vetoes, there is a concealed political intention without any actual technological rationale.

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, had previously issued a warning that he would scrutinize the actions made by “allied” governments. Now, however, his government has decided to take the same course as other countries like the United States, Canada, and India. It so happens that some ministries in Britain, like the Defense Department, have official TikTok accounts.

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