Unlock Your Design Superpowers: Surprising Canva Features You Never Knew Existed!

Canva is one of the most popular web applications in the field of graphic design. Its success is due, to a large extent, to the fact that it can be used by both professionals in the sector and amateur users who want to create creativity for a special occasion or even design their curriculum vitae or business card easily and originally.

The reality is that there are numerous alternatives offered in this regard. So many that some do not know all the possibilities that this tool has for free. While the paid option unlocks even more features, you don’t need to invest money to do great things in Canva, as we demonstrated.  

To discover many of Canva’s options, just take a look at its list of templates. This category gives you the possibility to start a design with a base focused on a specific platform or objective: from a folio-size document to an ‘Instagram story’, including photo albums, calendars, or birthday invitations.

Canva Checklist

In Canva you can create a task list to better organize your day-to-day. Many designs can be accessed on the web and some are specialized in a certain theme: from the series that you have yet to see to the pending tasks of the university. 

Wedding Invitations

Although it is hard to believe, you can save a significant sum of money if, instead of having your wedding invitations made, you make them yourself. The result? It may not be like that of a professional, but if you have a little creativity and a sense of aesthetics, or you rely on an already created template, you can get an ideal invitation. 

Exercise Sheets

Canva has its section for teachers and students. In this way, it offers numerous resources, both for teaching, as well as for preparing assignments, and learning different subjects. Without going any further, among its templates, the exercise sheets that some teachers can use to teach their classes stand out. 


If you are more traditional, in Canva you will also find interesting alternatives for you. For example, the classic postcards that in the past were sent by ordinary mail in situations such as a trip, Christmas, or if you lived far from the recipient. In the application, you can create postcards, to put in an envelope or send by email. 


Whether you want to make an illustration to decorate your home, are looking for a way to study a map, or just need a tool to find your way around, Canva also has maps available in all shapes, sizes, and places that you can customize. 


The curriculum vitae is the biggest (and best) letter of introduction of any person in the workplace. For this reason, it is important that, in addition to having all the necessary information, it is aesthetically beautiful and, most importantly, clean and tidy. Canva can help you in this regard with one of its many templates. 


If you have a business or are self-employed, you may not know how to make invoices that look aesthetic, as well as orderly and correct. The tool allows you to do it quickly and easily and also has designs segmented by profession or sector in which you can include the logo, the name of the company, your signature, etc. 

Email Signatures

Writing and sending emails like a professional is possible if you have a signature that contains all your contact details and information about your job position. So that you don’t miss any detail, Canva offers you the possibility of carrying out a minimal, fun signature.

Video Editing

In addition to everything we have mentioned above, you can also do video editing in Canva. From the cover to the adaptation of the video itself to platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. 

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