How To Request Verification of Your TikTok Account

Social networks are a window to the world and by following the right profiles you can find out what’s going on anywhere. But not all of them have the same reliability, so sometimes many people prefer to follow verified accounts. If you consider that your content is of quality and you want to have a stronger audience, we teach you how to request verification of your TikTok account.

The Verified: more security… and more ‘hate’

There are some more and some less, but the Internet community —and especially those dedicated to creating content— prefers to shield their identity and thus attract the world’s attention to what they do.

Even if you don’t have enormous “fame” or influence at a specific moment, social networks report money, so having a verified profile helps a lot to continue receiving visits to the content.

This is why it is so important to verify a TikTok account. A simple but important gesture translates into having, or not, a badge indicating that this profile is authentic.

That is, the company has verified that behind that profile there is someone creating content and that it is not an account created by fans that replicate its content. It is public figures who choose to have this “Verified”.

Logically, they know that showing themselves as verified accounts will bring them more followers since it is identified that this is the “official” profile that should be visited to be aware of all the news.

However, these profiles also receive a lot of annoying and offensive comments. Although it is true that many ‘celebrities’ have a team that manages this communication and saves these situations, this fact cannot be ignored.

Of course, social networks do not tolerate harassment and hate, so whether your profile is verified or not, you should know that you have the right to report and report this misuse of the application.

How to Verify your TikTok Account

We are going to take a look at the most important thing which is to verify a TikTok account. The Chinese social network states in its blog that all those who request it enter a process in which certain aspects are investigated to grant it.

Activity: You must have logged in within the last six months.

Authenticity: In other words, you “exist” as a person or company and are not a bot. In the case of companies, it will be verified that there is an email with a corporate domain.

All fields complete and public account: your account must be public to the world, have a profile photo, name, short description and already uploaded content.

You’re a featured personality: This means that other accounts mention you as a source, not counting press releases or endorsements.

Security: you need to have a verified email and two-step authentication activated to protect yourself from account theft.

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How To Request Verification of Your TikTok Account?

You already know all the requirements you need to have your account verified, but you should know that you cannot request it as it happens on Twitter or Instagram.

That is, it is the company itself that is in charge of reviewing all the profiles and granting them to those who are in optimal cases.

As a result, in addition to adhering to the aforementioned requirements, you also need to have several viral videos over time, a sizable following, and frequent interactions with your material.

Can I Lose my Badge?

One thing TikTok says is that after you receive your confirmed badge, you cannot remove it.

It is possible to swiftly give it up, though, simply switching your username.

On the other hand, if you transfer your account to another person or modify the nature of your account so that it differs from the one you had at the time of verification, the Chinese social network may also delete your badge.

We at THE APK GURU believe that knowing how to authenticate your TikTok account will be helpful to you. If that’s what you desire, you must keep it after you get it. Naturally, you should exercise patience since the organization needs some time to confirm all the information in your account before authorizing it.

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