Can You Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp? These Are the Only Effective Methods

If you regret deleting a message or are wondering about viewing a deleted one, try out these ways.

Among the various services that WhatsApp offers, being able to delete messages before the other person reads them is one of the most welcomed by users since its introduction. This not only helps us to remedy that mistake that we have had when writing, but also broader blunders, such as when we make the wrong receiver and write in another dialogue or we regret something we have said after an outburst.

Yet, not many know that there are some techniques to recover these communications that have been erased, whether we have been the ones who sent them, or if we have gotten the signal: ‘this message has been deleted’. Of course, before learning how to Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp, it must be taken into account that, if the other person has decided to erase them, perhaps you should not read them to avoid disappointment.


Although it is true that certain deleted communications can only be restored in specific conditions and not always completely, one of the most successful ways is through a backup. To accomplish this, the first thing is that the daily copy is enabled, and proceed to remove and reinstall the application. Then, it will allow us to recover the messages from the last backup and all those sent and received before being erased will display on our screen again.

It should be remembered that all those communications sent and received after the last backup will not be reflected. In addition, the multimedia content of the messages is not always going to be saved, and in most situations, it will end up being lost, if they have not been left in the mobile gallery. The nice thing is that it is an option available for both Android and iPhone.

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Notification History

On Android, there is the potential of recovering texts that have been deleted, as long as you have gotten it through a notification (and not being involved in the conversation) (and not being active in the conversation). The solution, which only works on select mobiles, is based on a widget from the ‘Settings’ program that we will move to the screen menu.

This has a drop-down that opens a new menu where you must select and set the option for “Registration of notifications.” This widget performs the work of a shortcut that stays with its icon on the desktop, there you will see the record of notifications received, in this step press on the WhatsApp notification that you want to read and it will display the content even if it has been removed. Although you’ll notice a lot of things written, to read the content of a notification you’ll need to look at the android. text.

WhatsApp Web

To see deleted messages on WhatsApp Web, the ideal is to utilize this application on the computer regularly. Regardless of whether we are on iPhone or Android, we will have to download and install the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension on our computer. Once installed, we will choose the option ‘Restore deleted messages’ (Recover deleted messages) from its setup menu, and, from then on, we will have the ability to retrieve the messages that have been erased in the conversations.

Third-Party Applications for Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Lastly, there is the opportunity to retrieve deleted messages utilizing one of the software available in shops for this purpose. WAMR – Recover deleted messages, WhatsRemoved are only some of the many that exist and their technique is identical. After installation, we must choose the application from which we want to get the messages, activate the required permissions, and from then on, the program will save the conversations. But, like in the case of the notification history, it has a text limitation of 100 characters per message.

Despite all these methods to recover deleted messages, we may always ask the person we are talking to tell us what they have deleted (although it is not always effective) or undo the deleted messages ourselves if we are the ones who have erased them.

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